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Navigation of calm and rough markets

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True fiduciary

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Cardan Capital Partners is an independent wealth advisory firm providing comprehensive wealth management and financial guidance.

Our mission is to provide you with the optimal path to grow your wealth and to plan the best ways to retain and ultimately transfer your assets. We accomplish this by creating and implementing strategies that are tailored to your unique goals. We also coordinate with your other advisors — including attorneys, accountants and family office practitioners — to ensure that our collective advice is fully integrated.


Your Personal Chief Financial Officer

We act as our clients’ “Personal CFO,” providing ongoing consultation and advice.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We employ a disciplined approach to learning our clients’ full financial situation – from both sides of their current balance sheet to their expectations for the future.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our client-centric perspective drives everything we recommend — from individual investments to personalized asset allocation.


The Helm Q2 2020: The Upside Down

The Helm Q2 2020: The Upside Down

The hit series “Stranger Things” on Netflix takes place in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. This town unwittingly becomes the scene of extraordinary mystery and intrigue. The most uncomfortable and haunting periods of the drama are when the viewer is taken with the...

Danby Minor Joins Cardan’s Client Service Team

Danby Minor Joins Cardan’s Client Service Team

Cardan Capital Partners is pleased to announce that Danby Minor has joined our team as Senior Client Associate. She will support client relationship management, account services, and daily operations. Danby has over a decade of experience working in independent wealth...

The longest year . . .

The longest year . . .

As we continue to lurch along the roller coaster ride that is the year 2020, you may be feeling like this is the longest year on record.  Days morph into weeks and weeks into months. One year feels like three. We have now charted 118 days of unrelenting market...

College Refunds & Your 529

College Refunds & Your 529

With the cancellation of in-person classes and the closing of dorms as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of colleges and universities have provided partial rebates/refunds for tuition and other costs like room and board.  Many of these costs had been covered...


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We at Cardan Capital Partners believe strongly in giving back to the communities where our clients and employees live and work. We support local and national nonprofit organizations through time, talent and treasure. We invite you to learn more about our volunteer efforts, both individual and as a team.

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