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Balanced investing

Navigation of calm and rough markets

Comprehensive view

Creation and coordination of your network of specialty advisors

True fiduciary

Commitment to the highest standard of care, trust and loyalty

Personalized planning

Guidance to grow, retain and give your wealth


Cardan Capital Partners is an independent wealth advisory firm providing comprehensive wealth management and financial guidance.

Our mission is to provide you with the optimal path to grow your wealth and to plan the best ways to retain and ultimately transfer your assets. We accomplish this by creating and implementing strategies that are tailored to your unique goals. We also coordinate with your other advisors — including attorneys, accountants and family office practitioners — to ensure that our collective advice is fully integrated.


Your Personal Chief Financial Officer

We act as our clients’ “Personal CFO,” providing ongoing consultation and advice.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We employ a disciplined approach to learning our clients’ full financial situation – from both sides of their current balance sheet to their expectations for the future.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our client-centric perspective drives everything we recommend — from individual investments to personalized asset allocation.


10 Common Medicare Mistakes

10 Common Medicare Mistakes

Clients often ask us for help with Medicare planning. The rules can be confusing, and making assumptions can be costly. Cardan Capital Partners Co-Founding Partner Marti Awad recently teamed with Carol Janz Booth of Group Insurance Analysts Inc., to share some common...

Labor & Productivity

Labor & Productivity

A fascinating chart has been making its way through the Twitter financial sphere this past week that shows the total number of employees to total revenues of the S&P 500 throughout time. In 1986, it took 8 employees to generate $1 million in revenue. Today, the...

So What Exactly is Cryptocurrency?

So What Exactly is Cryptocurrency?

Cardan summer interns, Jessie DeGroff and Phillip Wildes, explore the up and coming world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. During the past few years, cryptocurrency has increasingly been at the forefront of the news. It has gained much exposure and popularity...

The Great Inflation Debate

The Great Inflation Debate

During 2021 there has been a renewed focus on inflation by the media, economists, investors, politicians and the general public alike. Some are concerned that all the government stimulus spending and the Fed’s policy stance of low rates and a more relaxed view of...


Some of the world’s top news organizations have turned to Cardan Capital Partners for insight and perspective.


We at Cardan Capital Partners believe strongly in giving back to the communities where our clients and employees live and work. We support local and national nonprofit organizations through time, talent and treasure. We invite you to learn more about our volunteer efforts, both individual and as a team.

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