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Ross A. Fox

Ross A. Fox

Founding Partner

As a Founding Partner of Cardan Capital Partners, Ross Fox brings to the firm nearly 30 years of experience as well as a passion for the capital markets. He offers our clients a deep historical market perspective and insight into how the past relates to the current market environment. His expertise is diverse and extends from asset allocation and wealth management strategies to concentrated stock and portfolio risk management.

Throughout his career, Ross has cultivated close and productive relationships with clients and their families in order to help them realize the full range of objectives that are important for them. Ross specializes in defining immediate and long-term strategies that serve as a solid foundation upon which to manage portfolios that support current lifestyles while simultaneously building, directing and preserving wealth.

Before launching Cardan Capital Partners, Ross and our team were among an elite group of financial advisors vetted to manage money for the clients of other financial advisors and for the Merrill Lynch/U.S. Trust Company. Ross serves as Cardan’s Managing Partner.

Ross earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Georgia, and was a Syracuse University Graduate Fellow as well as a Ford Foundation Scholar. He is an active participant in the Denver community and previously served on the Alzheimer’s Association board and was recently quoted in Financial Planning Magazine.

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