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About us


Cardan Capital Partners is an independent wealth advisory firm providing comprehensive investment management, financial planning and other financial guidance.

Our mission is to provide you with the optimal path to grow your wealth and to plan the best ways to retain and ultimately transfer your assets. We accomplish this by creating and implementing strategies that are tailored to your unique goals. We also coordinate with your other advisors — including attorneys, accountants and family office practitioners — to ensure our collective advice is fully integrated. Our truly holistic approach to wealth management addresses all aspects of our clients’ financial lives, including trust and estate planning, tax strategy and risk management, lending, education, retirement and charitable giving.

In-depth and ongoing financial planning equips us to construct an investment strategy based on a thorough understanding of each client’s objectives, lifestyle and future plans. We implement this strategy through customized portfolios dynamically managed to preserve and grow wealth through various market environments and over the long term.

As an independent wealth management and investment advisory firm, Cardan is free to work with any of the financial industry’s leading companies. Unlike traditional firms, we are not tied to a single provider. We tap into the widest scope of resources available, from institutional asset manager research to state-of-the-art, consolidated reporting. We then customize and leverage strategies and solutions to provide our clients highly focused and personalized financial services — and a highly attentive, boutique experience.

The Cardan Difference

We serve clients across a lifecycle of needs, circumstances, preferences and priorities.


We create a personalized financial strategy designed specifically to achieve your objectives, by blending highly customized advice with our dynamic approach to asset management.


We work closely with your other trusted advisors, ensuring an integration of the recommendations you receive and an ideal balance among all aspects of your financial life.


We continually strive for excellence by embracing the most progressive trends in the financial services industry, taking advantage of new opportunities on your behalf.


We offer an independent, unbiased approach that places your needs at the center of everything we do.


From reporting to communications to meetings, we present our recommendations and information with total clarity, ensuring your full understanding of your financial picture.

A Balanced Approach to Wealth Management

We chose “Cardan” to reflect our approach to wealth management.

Many scientific and navigational instruments use gyroscopes. These include compasses, autopilots on airplanes, missile and spacecraft guidance systems, the devices that steer torpedoes, and the equipment that keeps aircraft carriers from being rolled by waves.

The gyroscope consists of a central wheel that is mounted in a framework of rings. These rings are called gimbals. Gimbals are devices that suspend the wheel but allow it to move freely.

This gimbal suspension is sometimes referred to as a Cardan suspension, after Gerolamo Cardano, an Italian mathematician and physicist who first described the workings of a gimbal in detail.

This age-old technology – found in everything from a pocket compass to a spacecraft – represents precisely what Cardan seeks to achieve for our clients: stability and balance in any economic environment.

Client Experience

Committed to offering best-in-class solutions and superior client service, we focus with singular vision on our clients, their needs and addressing them in the best manner possible. We ground our practice in the values we — and our clients — prize: innovation, competition, transparency. Genuinely vested in our clients’ success, we proudly assume a strict legal fiduciary duty to place the interests of our clients and their families above all else. Derived from the Latin word fiduciary meaning “trust,” a fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care, highlighted by good faith, loyalty, trust and transparency.

We have years of experience working with a wide variety of affluent clients, including:

Our Team

Our highly credentialed advisory team includes our four founding partners, who have the knowledge, experience and talents to support our clients with a deep array of skillsets.

Julie Goodrum

Chief Compliance & Operations Officer

David A. Fox, CFA

Senior Portfolio Analyst

Jeffrey Miller, CFP®, CPFA

Senior Financial Advisor

Kristina M. Krause

Senior Client Associate & Compliance Support

Kristen M. Stockland, CRPC®

Support Advisor & Senior Client Associate

Eileen I. Papazian

Senior Client Associate

E. Farren Henry

Senior Client Associate

Danby S. Minor

Senior Client Associate

Bella Fox

Chief Morale Officer

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