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Well, here’s a title I’m excited to add to my CV: Lady Badass.

Marti Awad

Marti Awad

I have been bestowed this honor by founders of the #LadyBadassery Project, a wonderful initiative to highlight women leaders worldwide. It started with one woman, personal and corporate coach Joanna Bloor, who made a 100-day commitment to send inspirational notes and quotes reminding the women in her network of their potential and demonstrated expertise. She received such positive reaction that when a friend based in Asia encouraged her to expand on the idea, a website regularly featuring women’s insightful profiles was born.

I especially like that Lady Badass has tapped into the willingness and tension that many of us women who work in male-dominated industries know as “living in the world of AND.”

What world is this? It is the world of the future — and one where, as LadyBadassery.com puts it, a Lady BadAss is “someone who manifests both their masculine and feminine side. They are strong AND gentle, bold AND cautious, unbreakable AND delicate, fearless AND afraid.”

What are my “and words?” Caring and Tough. To read why, click here — and to learn more about how women are re-shaping the financial services industry, visit here.

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