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For Chartered Financial Analysts like me, every annual meeting of the CFA Institute is a must-attend event, and the 72nd CFA Institute Annual Conference in London proved to be no exception.

This year’s theme: “Disruption: The Reality in Investment Management.” Among the dozens of interesting speakers was one whose thoughts especially caught my attention: world-renowned economist Mohamed El-Erian. He is chief economic advisor at Allianz/PIMCO, a regular financial news commentator, best-selling author, Under Armour board member and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. El-Erian also served as chairman of President Barack Obama’s Global Development Council.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. El-Erian after his presentation — which he summarizes in the video below. You can find a full archive of conference video highlights here.

What are the top three things on his mind concerning the economy?

  • With respect to the global economy, it is how unpredictable it has become, he says.
  • With respect to the United States economy, it is what he calls “divergence,” or the extent to which the U.S. can continue to outpace other advanced economies.
  • The third issue, he says, is the extent to which politics contaminates economics.

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