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Cardan Capital Partners supports an array of nonprofit organizations, including Centus Counseling, Consulting and Education, which provides behavioral health services for individuals, couples and families in eight Colorado counties.

Today, Cardan was honored to be a corporate sponsor, for the eighth consecutive year, of the annual Centus Samaritan Luncheon. This year’s event honored the Rev. Dr. Tom and the Rev. Marilyn Wolfe for their passion and dedication to high-quality, accessible behavioral healthcare. We learned of this great organization from Greg Baldwin and his wife, Jenny Baldwin, who has been a longtime Centus board member.

Founded 36 years ago, Centus provides counseling to help people address a wide range of mental health problems and addictions. Its licensed counselors work in community centers, homes and schools. They also provide tele-behavioral health sessions through video conferencing. Centus is accredited by The Samaritan Institute, a national network of counseling centers.

You can learn more at www.centus.org.

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