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Cardan Capital Partners is pleased to announce that Senior Portfolio Analyst David Fox has joined both the finance and investment committees for Mi Casa Resource Center, a nonprofit organization committed to advancing family prosperity.

The center, grounded with Latino roots, focuses on helping Denver families with limited opportunities achieve economic success through an array of programs that promote business and career skills, education and civic engagement.

In David’s words:

David A. Fox

David A. Fox

“I have been interested in serving a nonprofit organization where I can make meaningful contributions, learn from a long history of tremendous success and also be part of a mission that strikes a chord with me personally.

“My mother is from Spain, and I have an international background that has provided experiences to work with people who are also from all over Latin America and from Spanish-speaking communities in the United States. I have watched my peers achieve successes through their hard work and resilience and by taking advantage of opportunities their parents never had access to but dreamed of for them. I have met many ‘first-in-family’ college graduates and have witnessed swear-in ceremonies for U.S. citizenship, compelling examples of success.

“Access to training and tools to achieve success is key — and Mi Casa provides exactly those resources.”

You can learn more and support Mi Casa Resource Center at micasaresourcecenter.org.

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