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Cardan Capital Partners is home to avid readers who are happy to recommend good books, news and industry reports, websites and articles — and not just about finance, either. Our latest:

Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
by Greg McKeown

In his engaging and potentially life-changing explanation of “Essentialism” and why and how to pursue it, internationally recognized business consultant and public speaker Greg McKeown delivers so much more than another book about time management and increased productivity.

How will you use your passion, and where will you apply your energy to reap your most meaningful rewards, he asks. The answer, he explains, lies in getting only the right things done and eliminating what is not absolutely essential. Embracing what McKeown calls “The Way of the Essentialist” is to employ a systematic discipline that pursues less and results in more meaningful and successful contributions to the things that matter most.

McKeown, a native of London with an MBA from Stanford University, is chief executive officer of THIS, Inc., a California-based leadership and strategy consultancy. The World Economic Forum inducted him into the Forum of Young Global Leaders in 2012, and he regularly hits the corporate-keynote circuit for global companies, including Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, Capital One and Apple. His talks underscore the concepts of Essentialism with telling titles such as, “The Glorification of Busy,” “Creating the Masterpiece of Your Life,” and “Breaking Through to the Next Level,” and “How to Become Successful at Success.”

You can read the first chapter of Essentialism for free here.

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