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Community service is a core value at Cardan Capital Partners, and our team regularly seeks opportunities to help girls be healthy and productive members of society. So, we’re pleased to share that Senior Client Associate Farren Henry has joined the fundraising committee for Girls Inc. of Metro Denver, a nonprofit serving girls ages 6-18 in about 400 cities in the United States and Canada.

Through mentorship and educational programming, the organization focuses on helping girls develop into “strong, smart and bold” community members.

E. Farren Henry

E. Farren Henry

Farren recently shared some thoughts about why she got involved with Girls Inc. — and hopes others will, too.

“As the eldest of three daughters who have two very supportive and loving parents, I was fortunate enough to be raised in a healthy environment with unconditional support that encouraged my academic, athletic and social development, regardless of my gender or race. Because of this, I was able to develop a confidence and strong will that allowed me to become a positive and contributing female member of society. By joining Girls Inc., I hope to give back to the young girls in my community and to provide them the same environment my parents gave me. These girls are just as deserving, though maybe hindered by barriers out of their control, so I’m passionate about helping them on their journey to becoming confident, strong and smart girls. I’m also investing in the future — and that is what these girls are: our future.”

Want to learn more?

Visit Girls Inc.’s Denver website at https://www.girlsincdenver.org — or contact Farren.

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