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No matter the industry, discipline or life goal, creativity has been one of the greatest drivers of success.

For a look at the creative mind, there are few better to study than Renaissance Italian artist, scientist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci, Walter Isaacson, 2017

In his latest bestseller, history professor and journalist Walter Isaacson shows how da Vinci’s creative genius was rooted in skills we can hone in ourselves, including a sense of curiosity, pursuit of knowledge, power of observation, fluidity of thought and imagination. From more than 7,200 pages of da Vinci’s notebooks, Isaacson weaves together a compelling and vibrant biographical portrait of da Vinci’s delight at combining his divergent passions in art, science, nature and technology and his determination not just to receive knowledge, but to question it.

Though Isaacson’s masterful portrait focuses squarely on da Vinci’s life and times, the implications for today’s investors are noteworthy and raise interesting questions:

  • How can we organize our daily routines and professional meetings to maximize time for creative thought that helps us identify new opportunities and better, more efficient ways to reach goals?
  • What interests and passions can we combine to focus on markets few people are tracking, questions people are not asking and data no one is examining?

This book is a colorful reminder of what plenty of dry and dense research literature suggests: It is difficult to gain new insights by asking the same questions in the same ways.

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