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Thinking, Fast and Slow
by Daniel Kahneman

This award-winning book from 2011 is perhaps more important than ever. In it, Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist at Princeton University, unpacks many of the concepts that won him a Nobel Prize in economics in 2002. He takes square aim at the idea that coherent logic drives human behavior. Instead, he says, people are much more likely to make quick decisions based on intuition and emotion rather than slower, more deliberative judgments based on facts and logic.

The mind, Kahneman writes, has two systems — System 1, the part that is intuitive and fast-moving, and System 2, the part that is more thoughtful. He examines the systems’ individuality and interplay — and the human tendency to accept easy answers that often confirm what we want to believe instead of putting in the time and thought required to find accurate answers that may lead us to uncomfortable truths.

As he weaves together scientific research findings and real-life examples of decision-making, Kahneman also challenges us to regularly challenge ourselves to think differently. Why? Because, he maintains, there is plenty of evidence showing we are much more easily manipulated in practically every sphere of life than we would like to believe. He also notes that being cognizant of how everyone thinks can help us relate better to others, identify manipulators and propagandists, evaluate public policies and political stances — and even make smarter financial decisions.

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