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Cardan Capital Partners is committed to making our community a better place to live and work — and we’re inspired by all of the great things we see happening at University Preparatory Schools, a high-performing public charter school network with two campuses in Near Northeast Denver and plans to expand to new locations. 

Members of the Cardan Capital Partners team attended a recent fundraiser benefiting UPrep.

Cardan Capital Co-Founding Partner Marti Awad has been honored to serve as trustee, and currently treasurer, of the school’s Board of Trustees since University Prep was granted its first charter in 2010. She and other Cardan Capital team members attended a fundraiser for the school this week.

The school’s motto reflects its determined focus: “College starts in kindergarten.” University Prep’s K-5 students are reminded daily that learning is a lifelong process, education is a big key to success — and school completion is a must. To reinforce this message, University Prep takes its students to visit at least 12 college campuses by the time they complete 5th grade. The campuses also have a longer school day and school year so that by the time students matriculate to middle school, they will have received nearly one additional school year of instruction compared to 5th graders enrolled at a traditional public school. 

The school’s academic results are worth a close look. According to its website, the school’s “3rd-5th grade scholars outperformed all 12 elementary schools in Near Northeast Denver, Denver Public Schools and the state of Colorado on the 2016 PARCC math assessment … and the 2016 PARCC English Language Arts assessment.” 

According to Marti: “University Prep sets a high bar for students and for itself. We are striving to close the education gap so the zip code in which a child is born does not determine his or her destiny. University Prep has been recognized for its groundbreaking results and its no-excuses commitment to every child. Look for more good news coming from University Prep in the coming years as it grows, and the school’s students show strong results as they move forward in their educational journey.”

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