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As Financial Planning magazine reports this month, financial advisory services face a “growing problem in a male-dominated, aging profession that traditionally has required newcomers to devote themselves to building a client roster but now finds itself needing to attract more women and fresh talent. That means it must find ways to be more supportive of advisors who want to start families.”

Sarah L. Keys, J.D., M.A.

Sarah L. Keys, J.D., M.A.

Large wirehouses are working to offer more robust maternity and paternity benefits. Will smaller, independent advisory firms be able to compete? Sarah Keys, a co-founder of Cardan Capital Partners, says they must. “It would be hard for people to come with us if we had said, yeah, we’re going to give you less benefits,” Keys told Financial Planning magazine.

In fact, Cardan, which launched in 2015 and already is one of Colorado’s largest RIAs (Registered Investment Advisory firms), is working aggressively to create leave policies and benefits that are more attractive and more flexible than those offered by the wirehouses. We’re excited to develop benefits packages that recognize how important our team members are to our firm’s ongoing success.

As Sarah and her Cardan partners also note here at the office in Denver: Among the benefits of being an independent financial advisory firm is that we can craft policies for clients and employees that we feel are superior to what we could have offered in other work environment. We also want to offer policies that reflect our firm values.

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