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Developing a trusted rapport with her Cardan clients is one of the things co-founding partner Marti Awad most enjoys about her work. Checking in regularly and personally with them is how she intuits and anticipates need.

So, when she recently spoke with The Wall Street Journal for an adviser profile, Marti was especially pointed about her efforts to make direct client contact — especially with women who she knows are in tims of major life transition.

From the WSJ’s Adviser Profile:

Martha “Marti” J. Awad, J.D., CFA, CFP®, LL.M-Taxation

Martha “Marti” J. Awad, J.D., CFA, CFP®, LL.M-Taxation

“Promoting patience: To female clients in the wake of a major transition, Ms. Awad’s advice is often simple: Wait. She tells clients to give themselves a year before making any big financial decisions like selling a house. This advice is important for anyone following a separation, but especially for women who have lost a spouse who took care of the family finances, she says. ‘Clients should take the time to sit with what’s happened and sort things out,’ she says. ‘Often there’s so much pressure on them already; they shouldn’t put extra pressure on themselves.’”

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