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Cardan Capital Partners is especially aware that women are underrepresented among the ranks of financial advisors: Two of our four co-founding partners are women.

So, when reporter Thomas Coyle of Financial Advisor needed perspective, he contacted Cardan co-founding partner Marti Awad to discuss some of the challenges women in the financial advisory services industry face.

From the report:

It’s important for firms not to “turn off advisors whose strengths may lie more in nurturing relationships than in closing deals. Similarly, firms may do well to realize women don’t want to be viewed as tokens, according to Marti Awad, a founding partner of Cardan Capital Partners in Denver.

“’I’ve talked with firms that say, ‘We need a woman,’ says Awad, whose firm manages about $600 million. ‘That’s insulting. I’m not just a woman, I’m a tax attorney who has worked at top firms’ — including UBS and Merrill Lynch.

“If overtures to potential women hires can be clumsy, management’s handling of them once they’re aboard can be just as maladroit, says Awad. This runs the gamut from outright sexism to dismissing legitimate questions and concerns, she says.

But Awad … now (an) independent FA, says there’s something to be said for learning the ropes in the hard-edged wirehouse world.

“’I’m not particularly thick-skinned,’ she says. ‘But if you’re super-sensitive, there’s no way you’re going to succeed in this business. There’s no way.’”

For a full look at this report, click here.

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