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8 Millionaire Money Tips for the Rest of Us – U.S. News & World Report

The advice financial advisors give their wealthiest clients applies to everyone.

If you’re barely getting by, it may seem crazy to try to emulate a millionaire. After all, millionaires have a ton of money, and you don’t. And while some millionaires used their wisdom and wit to get where they are, there are presumably plenty out there who were born wealthy and had numerous advantages growing up.

Merrill, Morgan Stanley: Sustainable Investing Can Work – Financial Advisor IQ

Do-gooder clients are out in force these days, demanding both competitive investment returns as well as portfolios built with some sort of social relevance. But new research from analysts at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley suggest that advisors with solid grounding in the fundamentals of today’s fast-expanding marketplace of socially responsible investing can indeed have their cake and eat it, too.